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For Texas Instagrammer Tony Ciampa (@emolabs), Instagram serves as a place where images and creative writing come together as a form of self-expression.

After moving to Texas from his native Boston, Massachusetts, Tony took to Instagram to make friends and build a community of his own—and his photos reflect their adventures together. It wasn’t until later when his experiments in poetry began.

"It was a Saturday night, and a girl I was having a fling with wasn’t texting me back, so I was just sitting out on a hill that overlooks the skyline drinking a beer. It felt like this quintessential moment in the life of a young adult, so I wrote down what was in my head, took a photo and posted it," Tony explains. "It was the first poem I’d written since high school, so it was really cool for me to see people respond positively to it." With that post, Tony’s #fourpartpoems series was born, and he’s posted a poem every day since.

As for his aesthetic, handwritten poems photographed in front of sweeping landscapes, Tony cites another artist on Instagram for the initial inspiration. “I follow @lidiagulyas on Instagram, and the photo style comes from her. She does a lot of hand lettering and in one of her photos from a few months ago she had written the phrase ‘I want you’ in a notebook and held it out in front of an out of focus cityscape. It was so moody and really stuck with me.”

Tony writes all of the poems himself, first pouring out his emotions from the day through free writing, then distilling out his rhymes from there. “In my mind,” he says “that keeps the emotion as authentic as possible.” He then embellishes them with line drawings and sets up his photo before dusk, his self-imposed deadline for posting his work.

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I still have fat arms, but look at what pops up when I flex! I know it’s just a baby muscle, but that little guy didn’t use to be there.



"Don’t wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great." -Orison Swett Marden

One of my all time favorite quotes. Great reminder to make every day and moment count.

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So, in talking with my PT last night, he mentioned that he noticed my goal weight was 175, and he thought that was too high.  I told him I did the math figuring how much weight I’ve lost per % of body fat, and that I figured he be talking to me eventually.  According to my calculations, if I want to get down to 25% body fat, then I would end up weighing 145-150 lbs.  He said that I should definitely be below 150.

With that in mind, I weighed in.  219.4.  When I first started going to the gym, I weighed 256.4.  I have lost 37 lbs.  I realized that is really good work, but, in looking at the new number, 145, I realized that 37 lbs is just the beginning.

I honestly cannot even imagine myself weighing that little.  I simply cannot picture it.  I’ve been so overweight for so long.  I don’t think I’ve weighed that little since I was in junior high (middle school for you young pups).  I think it’s time to open up expand my imagination.  I was aiming for the sky before.  Now it’s time to aim for the stars.


A before and “in progress” photo.


Close up of a ticket to show you the important info. To see the whole thing, all you have to do is buy one from me for $8.


Okay, so it’s time to actually write something that isn’t just a quote or posting a picture.

I have two passions.  One is writing and one is roller derby (and skating in general).  I never thought the two would conflict until I discovered several activities hosted or sponsored by the Greene County Library.  Roller derby practices are on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and it seems that a majority of the Library sponsored event happen on the same evenings.

I know that I can miss up to 50% of practices and still skate in bouts, but I feel like I’m letting my team down by missing practices…like I’ll be unprepared.  At the same time, I really feel like I’m missing out on opportunities to learn in grow in my passion of writing.  I’m the type of person that gives something my all once I’m dedicated, so I would feel weird doing both, but only part time.

I’m not really sure what to do.  For now, I’m focusing on derby, and doing what little I can with the Library.


Fine, I’ll just pet myself.